Discovering Potential and Actualizing Horizons

Richard Waguespack, MSW, LCSW

Being Becoming: Integrative Paradigms 

Volume I: Ontological Modeling

—–Richard S. Waguespack, MSW, LCSW—– 


Inside Volume I: Ontological Modeling

Don’t miss this groundbreaking opportunity to onboard with Interdisciplinary Ontology! Join with others in pursuit of sound epistemological constructs to employ essential reconstructions!

You are hereby invited to participate in some of the most vital Ontological conversations affecting contemporary pedagogy, practice and organizational decision making! Find a basis to form valuable intellectual alliances with key people! Join the heroic struggle to identify and replace what fails to contribute to the Ontological Good in our distressed and misguided world! Engage genuine “developmental learning” to produce well integrated, honorable and creative constructs to fortify curriculum development, master mind groups and training!


–Find affinity with Judeo-Christian values underscoring metaphysical and spiritual interface of historical and contemporary interdisciplinary concepts, constructs, theories and paradigms in service to the optimal becoming of individuals, groups and organizations!

–Link with a distillation of historical work in Ontology now morphing into cutting-edge platforms to improve and reform academia, medicine, business, policy and politics!

–Gradual introduction to highly instructive, curative pedagogy inherent in the deep derived, Five Domains of Being and Three Essence Theory!

–Discover a relatively simple, yet thorough model to expand your capacity for integrating epistemologically tenable knowledge across a formidable spectrum of professions, disciplines, and fields!

–A deep interdisciplinary approach that appraises working theory in academia, mental health, medicine, social service, and free enterprise while also addressing parallel concerns pertaining to select areas of philosophy, science, social science, Theology and beyond!

–Whether a college student, educator, medical professional, organizational decision maker or an interdisciplinary thinker seeking to expand horizons, you should find affinity with Being Becoming’s holistic paradigms effectively overcoming error laden structures promoted in so many corrupt and disingenuous venues today!  In this way, your most cohesive and advanced orientation together with allied others of similar persuasion move into position to emerge victorious in many adverse contexts in need of principled improvement!


Richard Waguespack, MSW, LCSW is a consultant-educator-counselor and founder of Transformative Enterprises. He has decades of experience in healthcare, education and business. He offers Interdisciplinary Ontology as a valuable interface for improving and reforming key professions and disciplines! See his in-depth profile within Volume I.


Richard S. Waguespack, MSW, LCSW


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